BabyDan Premier Pressure Gate with 2 Extensions 28.9" - 36.7"




Suitable for openings from 28.9" to 36.7", the main feature of the triple-locking Baby Dan Premier True Pressure Fit Safety Gate is an indicator which clearly shows whether the gate has been fitted with sufficient pressure to make it entirely safe for your little one. European manufactured.

Each extend a gate kits contains 2 x 2.6" extensions

Another major advantage is that this gate is pressure-mounted with four anchorage points, allowing the wall or doorframe to be left completely unspoilt once the gate has been removed. The Premier safety gate from BabyDan can be extended to cover a maximum opening of 47" with the use of up to six extension kits (sold separately), and as it's a True Pressure Fit Safety Gate, no drilling or screwing is required. The gate has a two-way opening, and adults can open it with one hand. Tools included. It meets the latest European and American safety standards EN1930:2011 & ASTMF1004.

Simple to install straight from the box without the need for drilling or screwing.Wipe clean with damp cloth

Tested and approved in accordance with EN1930:2011

What is a True Pressure Fit Safety Gate?

  • Baby Dan is the only manufacturer to produce True Pressure Fit Safety Gates under the new standard. A True Pressure Fit Gate is not screwed on to the door frame or wall, but fitted in place under pressure. That means you avoid marks and holes in the wall or frame. This type of gate is well suited for use at the foot or top of a staircase and at doorways of utility room, kitchen, bathroom or other rooms where you prefer to keep your child supervised.
  • Extra safety for you and your child- All Baby Dan pressure fit safety gates feature a build in safety indicator, showing if the gate has been mounted correctly. The indicator is an extra safety measure for you as a parent and others caring for your child.
  • If the indicator is:
    • Invisible/white: Your safety gate has been mounted correctly.
    • Visible/red: Tighten the nuts.
    • If the indicator is still visible on the closed gate add wall cups.
    • If adding wall cups doesn't help you cannot mount the gate safely in this opening. Choose a screwmounted gate instead.

Made in Denmark

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