Diaper Dekor Plus Biodegradable Refill - 2 Pack

Diaper Dekor Plus Biodegradable Refill - 2 Pack



Convenient and economical, the Dekor PLUS Refills are easy to use and offer great capacity. The refills in this box have a combined capacity of up to 1160 diapers*. Now in a green, biodegradable version!


  • Do not require UV, light or air in order to break down.
  • Meets the anaerobic plastic protocol for plastic degrading in anaerobic biodegradation in a landfill, ASTM 5511-94
  • Does not produce or leave behind toxic residue harmful to living organisms in land or water
  • Like a normal plastic with no moisture, heat, or water issues
  • Recyclable as well
  • Unlimited shelf-life

*Refill capacity based on newborn diapers.

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