BNO Registry

Designed by baby registry experts for juvenile specialty stores

  • Warehouse fulfillment for 2,800+ products with live inventory
  • Product library with over 31,000 item details
  • Optional Point of Sale Integration
  • Optional Registry Scanner
  • Custom design service included

The BNO Registry was designed by a group of independent juvenile specialty stores with years of baby registry expertise for juvenile specialty stores. This expertise has helped provide juvenile specialty stores the tools necessary for successfully competing in today’s ever changing retail environment. In addition to a feature rich baby registry you get an ecommerce platform increasing out-of-town purchases from your registrants family and friends.

It's more than just an online baby registry...

As a BNO Registry client you get access to 24/7 support and training, FREE future upgrades**, a team of web developers & designers and fulfillment of 2,500 products from a centrally located warehouse.

** There may be a cost associated with some feature additions to the BNO Registry.