Avent Niplette

Avent Niplette



A simple solution for inverted nipples.


Non-surgical – uses gentle suction:  In a matter of weeks of continued wear, the nipple will stay erect. Ideally use before becoming pregnant. However, you can also use in the first six months of pregnancy to achieve long-lasting correction. Any nipple inversion which is not congenital but has occurred recently should be immediately checked by a doctor before the Niplette is used. Use is not recommemded in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Use with inverted or flat nipples:  The Niplette is suitable for correcting inverted nipples which have developed as a result of hereditary factors or during puberty.

Clinically proven:  The Niplette: an instrument for the non-surgical correction of inverted nipples DD McGeorge FRCS (Plast). British Journal of Plastic Surgery, December 1993.

What is included:

  • Disposable breast pad: 2 pcs
  • Niplette: 2 pcs

Development stages:

  • Stages: 0 - 6 months, Pregnancy

Ease of use:

  • Easy concealing under clothing: Push syringe to release vacuum
  • Easy to clean
  • Clean in hot soapy water


  • Correct inverted nipples: Use gentle suction


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