BabyBjorn Original Carrier



Developed together with parents and leading medical experts, the BabyBjorn Original Carrier keeps baby close and warm while allowing Mom and Dad to carry on with daily activities. Unique styling has given this carrier "celebrity" status. Winner of Silver Award, Design of the Decade, IDSA, 1999, USA as one of the best 36 products of the decade.

The carrier provides safe and snug head support for the small baby. When your baby becomes a little older and his neck is strong enough to support his head, he can be carried facing outward. The neck-rest can then be folded down giving the baby a birds-eye view of his surroundings. The carrier grows with the baby thanks to an adjustable buckle that gives maximum comfort for all ages.

The carrier is quick and easy to put on and take off as all adjustments are made in the front. Wide, padded straps distribute the weight evenly over your back, taking strain off your shoulders. The front opens allowing you to lay your sleeping baby down without waking him.


  • Carrier can be used from first week for babies at least 21 inches tall and at least 8 lbs
  • Leg straps for use with babies 2 months and under to reduce the size of the leg openings
  • Carrier can be used up to 25 lbs
  • Safe and strong 100% cotton, free from formaldehyde
  • Machine wash separately with warm water

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