BabyDan Safety Adhesive Magnet Lock & Key 1Pk

BabyDan Safety Adhesive Magnet Lock & Key 1Pk



BabyDan Magnetic Drawer / Cupboard Lock (known as Mag Lock) is a great product for childproofing your kitchen and bathroom cupboards

Magnetic Locks help prevent a child's access to drawers & closets containing dangerous fluids, knives etc. This Adhesive Magnetic Lock from BabyDan is fitted with strong Adhesive Pads making it perfect for installation where screw fitting is not possible. Comes complete with Key and adhesive key holder so the key be kept safely out of reach.

The Baby Dan Magnetic Lock is the first adhesive magnetic lock to secure dangerous items out of the way of young children. The lock is invisible from the outside and is easily opened by adult using the magnet key.

Baby Dan produces and sells a wide selection of safety locks designed to keep little fingers out of fridges, freezers, dryers, cupboards, drawers  etc.

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