Designs 2-U Bags 4 Pack Disposible

Designs 2-U Bags 4 Pack Disposible

Designs 2-U


The Baby Safe Feeder Disposable Bags introduces your baby to fruits, vegetables and snacks of your choice. The mesh bag of the Baby Safe Feeder will allow your little one to get the goodness and nutritional value of fresh foods. This helps with the transition from drinking to chewing while reducing the high risk of choking. Place frozen fruit, ice, or frozen fruit juice cubes into the mesh compartment and chewing on the baby safe feeder is soothing and satisfying. Remember, you will need to purchase the Baby Safe Feeder to use these disposable bags. Wash in warm soapy water or upper rack of dishwasher.


  • Mesh Baby Safe Feeder 4-Pack Replacement Packs
  • Each package comes with four separate mesh bags for your feeder - replacing them is quick and easy.
  • Keep baby happy with the Safe Baby Feeder.
  • Four reusable mesh feeder replacement bags
  • Dishwasher safe

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