Just Born Deluxe Swaddle, 3m

Just Born


The Deluxe Swaddle® by Just Born® is the smarter way to achieve the perfect swaddle - gently wrapping your baby in comfort for a better and safer night's sleep. The Deluxe Swaddle® features a unique support pad for baby's head and neck, soothing Comfort Wraps®, air vents for temperature control and options for arms-in or arms-out swaddling. The roomy leg pocket adjusts as your baby grows, ensuring hip-healthy swaddling and easy diaper changes. The Deluxe Swaddle® is carefully crafted and expertly designed in consultation with pediatricians, nurses and physical therapists for your baby to sleep safely and you to sleep soundly.


  • Ideal for children from 0 to 3 months (7-14 pounds), soft, easy-care cotton and mesh air vents assures baby's comfort in all seasons.
  • Head support and cradle-pad provide relief for back of baby's head and safe swaddle positioning
  • Comfort Wraps® provide natural colic relief and secure sleep
  • Adjustable for arms-in and arms-out swaddling


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