Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer

Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer

Kaz Inc.


The Braun IRT6500 ThermoScan 5 ear thermometer is developed for accurate, safe and fast temperature measurements. It is based on infrared technology, which produces a body temeperature reading by measuring the heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissues giving. This ThermoScan 5 model features a unique ExacTemp technology that confirms accurate measurement with a light and a beep. The beeping sound notifies you when the device has picked up an accurate reading. 

The IRT6500 features a patented pre-warmed tip that minimizes the cooling effect on the ear canal that can result from using room-temperature tips to ensure accurate results. Its built in memory function recalls the last temperature reading. In addition, this thermomoter is equipped with a built-in Lens filter for increased accuracy and safety. 

IRT6500 Features: 

  • ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer
  • ExacTemp Technology w/ Guidance System
  • Temperature Measurement within Seconds
  • Easy-to-Read LCD-Display
  • Infrared Technology for High Accuracy
  • Thermometer Reads in °F or °C
  • Patented Pre-Warmed Tip
  • Auto-Off After 60 Seconds
  • Lens Filter Detector 
  • Helps Ensure Proper Use
  • Lens Filter Ejector

Temperature Range: 

- 34 - 42.2 °C 

- 93.2 - 108 °F

Beep Confirms End of Measurement

Memory Function:

  • Recalls Last Temperature Reading



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