KidCo ChildProofing Kit

KidCo ChildProofing Kit



The KidCo Child Proofing Kit contains the basic essentials to get you started on child proofing your home. Corner Protectors to prevent bumps and bruisers from corners of tables and counters. Door Knob Covers to help keep little ones from opening doors. The Swivel Cabinet Locks will prevent little ones from opening doors or cabinets - and the swivel feature allows adjustment for unique installations and to disengage when not needed. The Finger Guard will help prevent little fingers from getting caught in closing doors. The Flexible Strap Lock is perfect for lazy susans, appliances, front load washers, and much more. Completing the Kit are the Electrical Outlet Caps which provide safety from open outlet plugs by preventing objects and fingers from being inserted into openings.

  • A collection of basic products needed to start the child proofing process in any home.
  • Will help keep your baby safe as you start the child proofing process.
  • Contains: Soft Corner Protectors: 4, Swivel Locks: 4, Sliding Cabinet Lock: 1, Outlet Caps: 20, Flexible Strap Lock: 2, Door Knob Covers: 2, Finger Guard: 1
  • Easy installation

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