Leachco Cuddle-U2 Double Infant Support Lounger



This unique support lounger is ideal for twins and multiples. Each side has an adjustable seat wrap to hold reclining infants in place. Once infants are old enough to hold their head up, the Cuddle-U2 can be used as a tummy-time cushion for 2. When infants are even older and able to sit, the Cuddle-U2 can be used as a sit-up support for 2. Your infant duo can enjoy the "Toe 2 Toe" or "Side 2 Side" position while the Cuddle-U2 supports them lounging, doing tummy-time, or sitting up.

  • Ideal for twins and multiples
  • Fully extend for the Toe 2 Toe position
  • Attach tabs for the Side 2 Side position 
  • Seat wraps hold wigglers securely in place while reclining to prevent sliding
  • Great for tummy-time and sit-up support as baby grows older

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