Hug Tub

Hug Tub



As baby graduates from sink to tub and has learned to sit-up, the Hug Tub is there to help with this transition. This versatile little bath cushion hugs baby with all-around comfort and support. The U-shaped cushion wraps around sitting baby to provide support and cushioning. There is even a little drop-down soft seat with non-slip padding on underside. When it's time for shampooing the Hug Tub makes it effortless, as baby just reclines back with head elevated. Baby can even enjoy some tummy time in this bather while you clean their backside. Head to toe bathing is a breeze in the Hug Tub.


  • U-shaped cushion supports all around to help infants sit upright
  • Unique design and open-weave material allow fresh water flow around baby
  • Reclining position for stress-free shampooing
  • Drop-down soft seat with non-skid bottom helps prevent falls
  • Includes a sturdy hanger for drip-dry storage

Gift Wrap not available.

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