Safer Bather

Safer Bather



The Safer Bather bath pad has all of the features every parent needs to assure baby's bath is as safe and pleasurable as can be. The head is elevated keeping water out of baby's ears, and it won't break or pull apart like some sponge pads. Soft polyester filling dries quickly and is mold and mildew resistant. Sturdy hanger for convenient storage. Baby will appreciate not having to lay in a hard plastic tub! For newborn to 9 months.

The Safer Bather can be used to sponge bathe newborns or place directly into the full size tub when your infant is ready to make the transition. Just fill the tub and place Safer Bather directly in the tub. It is constructed of an open weave polyester fabric that is soft and porous, made just for the bath. The inner polyester batting conforms to baby's body creating a soft cushioned pad like no other. When finished, just shake out the pad and watch the water quickly escape. The fabric's special weave design actually speeds up water loss. When finished, just shake, hang and dry.

Pattern: Blue Fish

* Mold and mildew resistant
* Elevated head design prevents water from running into baby's ears
* Soft sides and deeply contoured to safely cradle baby while bathing
* Won't break or pull apart like sponge bath pads
* Sturdy open weave polyester fabric and batting for the ultimate in comfort
* Washer/dryer safe
* Includes hanger for storage

Age: newborn to 9 months


Gift wrap not available

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