MOBI DualScan HEALTH CHECK Ear and Forehead Thermometer



Mobi dual scan prime3 forehead, ear, food, bottle digital thermometer, cu and fad certified. Key features: ear and forehead infrared scanning, health check reminder alarm, built-in flashlight to avoid disturbing your loved ones, food or bottle temperature reading mode, fast results in just 1 second, 2 color fever indicator led display, room temperature display, memory recall of last 19 readings, auto shutdown, Fahrenheit and Celsius mode, batteries included.

  • Forehead and ear temperature reading-measure temperature via forehead and ear (for all ages), with health check reminder alarm
  • Food/bottle temperature reading-you can measure food and bottle temperature
  • Health check reminder-it reminds you of high/low temperature to take precautions on time
  • Fast results in seconds (quick and easy)-by pressing and holding one button, you can read your body, food, or bottle temperature in seconds, simply hold 1 inch from object and press scan
  • Built-in flashlight to avoid disturbing your loved ones while they are sleeping, memory recall-can store up to 19 previous readings for easy recall of previous temperatures

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