Nai-B K Hamster Inflatable Baby Chair



Nai-B K Hamster Inflatable Baby Chair as attached air-pump for ease and more convenience. Ergonomically designed for safe seating for babies: it is stable and comfortable. Inject water into the pouch to enhance stability or discharge water from the pouch to increase mobility. It's easy to carry and transport when deflated. Easy to store when deflated.

Products Benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed for stable and comfortable seating
  • Easy to clean - air dry or wipe non-absorbent material
  • Easy to use - drains water during bathing
  • Easy to travel - deflate & carry
  • Easy to store - deflate & keep
  • Free of Lead and Phthalate
  • Attached air-pump for convenience

Product Specifications:

  • Age: 7-24month
  • Material: P.V.C
  • This product is tested for compliance by a CPSC(US, Consumer Product Safety Commission)-accepted accredited laboratory.


  • This product is for baby who can sit unassisted, usually for babies 7 months and up. If your baby is 7 months or older but cannot sustain their body weight, the baby should NOT use this product.
  • FALL HAZARD: The baby can fall with the seat on a tilted places or high places. Always use it in flat area.
  • Always stay close to the baby when the baby is in the seat.
  • This product is not a booster chair, a high chair, or a car seat! Never use this product as for transportation.
  • DROWNING HAZARD: This product is not for water play. Do not use it in the water nor near the water.
  • Do not use the seat near on a high surface.

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