Nuk Latex Pacifier 2pk



Sucking is a natural reflex that exercises the tongue and mouth muscles while producing a soothing effect. To satisfy this innate need of newborns while allowing for proper oral development, NUK created orthodontic pacifiers designed for the natural development of the jaw.


  • NUK pacifiers are based on the shape of a mother's nipple while breastfeeding and are therefore optimally adapted to the baby's oral cavity
  • The NUK AIR SYSTEM releases air and allows the nipple to remain soft and keep its shape
  • Millions of NUK nipples and pacifiers are used in US hospitals by new born babies
  • Winner of American Baby Magazine Best Pacifier of the Year Award Winner since 1999!
  • The orthodontic design gently exercises tongue, palate and jaw, and encourages the correct development of your child's teeth

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