OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Wipes Dispenser



Whether it’s for on-the-go diaper changes or clean-up after a snack at the park, the OXO Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser is perfect for keeping wipes handy while on the move. A simple, one-handed push of the button reveals a large opening for easy access to wipes that easily dispenses one wipe at a time. The handy strap means you can secure it to your stroller or diaper bag handles, and the slim shape easily tucks into bags or purses. Now, you never have to be caught in a sticky situation!

It’s the Little Things
At OXO, we consistently develop products that address even the tiniest of pet peeves, because we know it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. We know traveling with baby can be a handful (literally). We can’t give you an extra hand, but we can free one up with the easy, one-handed opening of the On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser.

Features & Benefits:

  • Handy: Keeps wipes on hand for quick access on the go
  • Simple: Large button for easy, one-handed opening
  • Secure: Silicone tether securely attaches Dispenser to strollers or diaper bag straps
  • Easy to use: Generous opening provides easy access and dispenses one wipe at a time
  • Compact: Slim shape tucks perfectly into any bag

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