Advanced Solutions - One Way Nasal Aspirator

Safety 1st


Your baby will breathe easier with the Advanced Solutions One-Way Nasal Aspirator by Safety 1st. The special design of the aspirator uses a one way air flow method to collect the mucus. This allows you to position the aspirator just once when helping your baby feel better instead of the multiple times required by a traditional aspirator. Once your baby’s nose is cleared, the aspirator easily separates for thorough cleaning.


  • Quick and efficient aspirating
  • Air and mucus are inhaled into the nasal tip
  • Mucus collects in tip and reservoir
  • Air is exhaled through the bulb vent
  • Soft and hygienic silicone tip
  • Comfortable finger grips
  • Separates easily for thorough cleaning

Includes exclusive expert advice about Nasal Congestion from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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