Safety 1st Pre-Crawler Ready Set

Safety 1st


Your “pre-crawler may be creeping, scooting, rolling, rocking, squirming or all of the above. Encourage baby to move by giving them a safe space to explore.

Prepare for Crawling Baby

  • Protect little fingers from gaps in open doors
  • Cushion furniture corners to prevent bumps
  • Secure cabinets before baby can reach 
  • Prevent baby from accessing unused outlets

Includes 35 safeguarding aids to help create a safe environment for crawling baby.

  • 20 Plug Protectors to prevent access to outlets throughout the home
  • 1 Finger Pinch Preventer to help protect little fingers from gaps in open doors
  • 4 Corner Cushions to soften furniture corners  and help prevent lumps and bumps
  • 10 Finger Guard Latches to secure cabinets before baby can reach and pull on knobs or handle

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