Sassy Ring Rattle

Sassy Ring Rattle



Sassy Ring Rattle encourages hands to mid-line with large, easily graspable handle. High contrast aids in visual focus. Fosters tactile sensitivity with a variety of textures.

  • Ring shape is easy for baby to clutch. Multiple textures offer variety of touchHigh-contrast polka-dots and stripes help develop visual skills
  • Rattle is lightweight enough for newborn baby. Center clear section presents moving beads for visual tracking
  • Developmental Insights:At birth, a newborn's eyesight is not yet fully developed and she is not able to see the full spectrum of colors. Red is the first color she will be able to detect.
  • Interaction Idea:Hold the rattle 8-12 inches away from baby. Watch how baby's eyes track the shiny spinner. Notice how baby seems mesmerized by the bold black & white ball
  • Ages: 0+ Months

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