Tiny Love Gymini Kick & Play - City Safari

Tiny Love


Colorful safari baby mat complete with a responsive electronic pad and loads of features

  • Fun dual-position baby-activated kick & play response pad develops baby's senses and encourages gross motor skills
  • toys, peek-a-boo windows, wind chime and more
  • 3 modes of use: cozy closed borders for newborns, arched play gym and extra large play mat for sitting babies
  • Lovely safari theme stimulates baby's independent play and sets the scene for fun baby-parent playtime

1-3 months
During the first three months, your newborn baby will enjoy the soothing sound of the wind chime and exploring the sounds of the electronic pad.

3-6 months
Place your baby on her back under the arches and hang the toys within reach of both her hands so that she can bat at them and practice her developing skills. Place baby on her tummy and let the mat's engaging features help extend tummy time.

5+ months
The fun electronic kick & play pad will help baby learn cause and effect and develop cognitive skills.

Baby Steps
Moderate the level of stimulation offered by the Gymini Kick & Play by moderating the number of toys in baby’s field of vision or adding the lights & music. You can stimulate baby’s body sensation and control by placing him on his tummy and allowing him to hit the kick & play response pad with his hands or feet. It helps them gain control over their muscles and movement.

Reducing Stimulation
If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless (crying, averting his gaze, etc) reduce the level of stimulation. Leave only one toy in his field of vision and turn the lights & music feature off. You could also close the borders to create a more cozy and contained environment. Stay beside baby and stroke him gently until he is soothed.

Increasing Stimulation
If your baby seems uninterested or bored, try adding more toys, turning the music on and occasionally moving the toys around. Position the lights & music toy so that baby’s feet hit it as she moves and rattle one of the cute toys in front of baby. Gradually, reduce the level of stimulation to help baby focus.

Stimulating Body Sensation & Control
To stimulate baby’s body sensation and control, place baby on his tummy. Position the response pad front of him and activate it or allow him to examine his reflection in the mirror. Monitor baby’s reactions and try to see which features he enjoys and which he could do without.

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