Tiny Love Tiny Smarts Belly Smarts - Koala Bear

Tiny Love Tiny Smarts Belly Smarts - Koala Bear

Tiny Love


Cute light-weight, colorful toy that is perfect as a take-along.



  • Crinkly fabric and spinning belly ball with rattling beads engage and stimulate baby
  • Adorable all-smiles koala figure designed with basic patterns especially suitable for young babies
  • Unique features stimulate tactile senses and develop fine motor skills


Age Tips:


  • 0-1 months Hold the Belly Koala at a distance of 10-12 inches from your baby and give her some time to try and focus on its features and distinct patterns.
  • 1-3 months Let baby enjoy the toy independently, attempting to rattle the beads in the spinning ball and exploring the crinkly fabric
  • 3-6 months Use to amuse baby and help extend tummy time. While on her back, offer the toy to baby and let her practice those developing grasping skills and hand-eye coordination by attempting to spin the ball with her finger.


How to Use:


  • Attach to baby carrier or stroller for on the go fun
  • Hang off crib or offer the toy to baby for some indoor amusement


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